Exec sp_configure remote access 1



Remote query timeout server configuration option in SQL Server specifies how much time in seconds will SQL Server wait for a remote query.

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Now what i want to happen is for it to be able to access by other computer in a workgroup.

This topic describes how to configure the remote access server configuration option.

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SQL Server T-SQL Recipes by Jason Brimhall, Jonathan Gennick, Wayne Sheffield.Restart the SQL Server Agent Service. You grant User1 access to execute the stored procedure.

Default value is 1 (on) and we now need to set it to 0 (off).

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If you execute a. sp_configure 'remote...Three main reasons are there which blocks us to access SQL instance from remote computer.

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Another thing I sometimes forget is to check that the DB supports the TCP protocol.

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By default, the remote access configuration parameter is set to 1 when you install Adaptive Server.

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